Ubiquitous Communications





TMG quickly ascertains organizational objectives and implement strategies to overcome both internal and external communications challenges. We:

  • Activate grass-roots, grass-tops and net-roots solutions
  • Advance social/digital media content and channels to tell your story
  • Create, develop, and implement multilayered, long-range strategic communications plans to win public support for your organization’s objectives
  • Define deliverables and measurements of success
  • Develop and identify the message, language, and nuanced communications vehicles that target and resonate with a diverse public
  • Develop your organization’s leadership and resolve organizational bottlenecks
  • Identify, build, and manage relationships with your key audiences: government, media, consumers, employees, and key opinion leaders
  • Manage and focus your research and public opinion polling
  • Reputation management – The positive is fleeting. We are able to prepare you to sustain the good times and mitigate the bad
  • Utilize public opinion research, messaging, and communications
    strategies to:
    • Create brand awareness and build equity
    • Create an environment for nonprofits that nets positive
      fundraising results
    • Develop philanthropic programs to build bridges across communities
    • Drive product adoption and sales
    • Earn positive exposure through both traditional and new media
    • Ensure evidence-based decision-making
    • Level and prevail in the legislative and regulatory arenas